Mouse Buttons

SpeedUp Mouse Wheel on Linux

Increase wheel speed on Linux using imwheel. This will make scrolling easier, while use Chromium, Firefox, LibreOffice, viewing pdf files in Evince.


1. Install imwheel

apt install imwheel


2. Check the applications names

Check the names of applications that should be affected by imwheel settings. Run in terminal:

Configure Mouse Buttons as Copy and Paste on Linux

Extra mouse buttons on the side or also click on the wheel can be used for copy and paste or any other actions. To make extra buttons work as you need on Linux use next steps from ArchLinux wiki [1].


1. Install xbindkeys and xvkbd

xbindkeys allows to bind mouse buttons to any action like open terminal, open browser, copy to clipboard, paste.

xvkbd allows to send to system keyboard pressing like Ctrl + C, F5 and so on.

apt install xbindkeys xvkbd