Install Xmrig on Devuan (Debian, Ubuntu)

Installing Xmrig compiling from sources on Devuan Linux with instructions from


1. Install dependecies

This is needed to compile and link xmrig from sources. Run from ruot or with 'sudo':

apt install -y git build-essential cmake libuv1-dev libmicrohttpd-dev libssl-dev libhwloc-dev gcc-8 g++-8

apt update && apt upgrade


2. Download Xmrig from Git and build

It is an official repository. Run it from non-root user.

git clone https;//

cd xmrig

mkdir build

cd build




If you got any errors, try to search in the web. 'make' can take half an hour.


3. Run Xmrig

Resulting run file 'xmrig' is placed to the directory where you built: xmrig/build/xmrig

Change your pool and your wallet address here:

./xmrig -o -u 44vPPReFYh3Mhg2Ax6kY6cXMRqzpgkEz43UukgX14JsuK8VcdHZ7mdwb5T3s5DSPWVYdjN4ys3ftMSQoGXdtQ4bbNqMau1B --rig-id=ld

You also can create bash alias for quick run. Check the place of your compiled xmrig:

ls -l


This should show you executable xmrig and your current path. Add bash alias into ~/.bash_aliases:

alias min='/home/user/crypto/xmr/xmrig/build/xmrig -o -u 44vPPReFYh3Mhg2Ax6kY6cXMRqzpgkEz43UukgX14JsuK8VcdHZ7mdwb5T3s5DSPWVYdjN4ys3ftMSQoGXdtQ4bbNqMau1B --rig-id=ld'

Here it is my address and also --rig-id=td, I use it because I mine on different devices and this option sets worker's name. Not all pools support this option. --rig-id=name let me monitor hashrate and status of each device on

Limit number of used CPU cores: add an option:

--cpu-max-threads-hint=N maximum CPU threads count (in percentage) hint for autoconfig

if you have 2 cores this option can set to use only 1 core with --cpu-max-threads-hint=50%. Look at command line manual in sources below.



If you got some profit after this article, you can donate:

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Xmrig command line options: