Mining Monero On Android With Xmrig

Actually, it is not profitable to mine Monero on Android, but this page may help you to install Xmrig on Android and try to mine. You can try to install Xmrig for Android from (previously installing F-droid), but if you cannot believe that source, compile from sources with termux.

i used this simple and exact instruction:


1. Install Termux

Find Termux in Play Store and update it. You can also need to change mirror due to error 403. Run in termux:


pkg update

pkg upgrade


2. Install dependencies

apt install git

apt install wget

apt install proot

pkg install cmake

apt update

apt upgrade

There can be other dependencies, but need to remove some if termux cannot find:

pkg install cmake git libuv* openssl-dev unstable-repo -y

pkg install libmicrohttpd-dev -y


3. Download Xmrig from git and compile

You need to use flag -DWITH_HWLOC because it often causes the error.

git clone

cd xmrig && mkdir build && cd build



cp xmrig ..

cd ..


4. Now you can choose pool and run Xmrig with your rewards address

I use lightweight MyMonero wallet (but it shares your keys with remote server), also I use Monero in Atomic for Android (it is non-custodial).

I choose pool and I use Atomix wallet address here:

./xmrig -o -u 44vPPReFYh3Mhg2Ax6kY6cXMRqzpgkEz43UukgX14JsuK8VcdHZ7mdwb5T3s5DSPWVYdjN4ys3ftMSQoGXdtQ4bbNqMau1B


5. Check your balance in mining pool

Go to your mining pool dashborad, for example and paste your rewards address


6. Set Termux use battery without limits

Om Android go to Settings -> Applications -> All Apps -> Termux

and give it all necessary permissions you can find: use battery without limit, work in background.


7. Get a reward

With you can get a reward from 0.5 XMR. There are other pools with less threshold.

You also can run Xmrig for Solo mining, but I think on weak devices it will not give anything.



I have hashrate 184 H/s on Lenovo Tab M10 HD that is extremely low.

Mining Monero on Adroid Lenovo Tab M10 HD in Termux with Dashboard
My average hashrate is 123 H/s, my reward for 1 Hour of work is 0.000001 XMR



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If you luck to find a block, share XMR with me:

Monero: 44vPPReFYh3Mhg2Ax6kY6cXMRqzpgkEz43UukgX14JsuK8VcdHZ7mdwb5T3s5DSPWVYdjN4ys3ftMSQoGXdtQ4bbNqMau1B

Bitcoin: bc1q62a39r2534s74vsewdgmnwmfkwksuvy7qx0kda



Change Termux repository mirror:…;

Android Xmrig install:

Install Xmrig on Termux:


Xmrig for Android F-Droid: