Python: Search Beautiful Address And Its Private key On Tron Network

Tron Network has addresses that start with 'T' and have length 34 symbols. If you wish convenient address like TMYNAME93LRv...91F with 'MYNAME' string, so use my script on Python3.


TronPy Beautiful Address Generator

Generates Tron Network addresses using tronpy library and writes addresses and private keys to log.txt

It randomly generates private key and convert it to Tron address (that is used as Tron wallet address). If an address contains the word you need, the script log this address and its private key to log.file. If the word is near the start, it log it with note 'Found nice: '.


0. Install dependencies

pip3 install tronpy


1. Download the script

git clone

cd tronpy_beautiful_address_generator


2. Edit config in the script

Edit file and paste the word you need here:


NAME='kuku' #word to find in Tron address case insensitive, like TwwKUKU90hjh... - kuku
N=4 #quantity of addresses to be found
POSITION=3 #position of a word from start of address considering as nice, like T55KUKU.. - N=3, Tron address length is 34

3. Make executable and run

chmod +x




The script will print addresses it found and also will add new lines to log.txt (will not remove old content).

  Found: KUKu
  Account: TEzRwBQcLT1rZwjUwFj1yfTbEWk65XKUKu
  Private Key: 20....deleted...for...privacy.....c8

  Found: kuku
  Account: TRkukuA8vPRtB9uiPoXJLH7QrzcyQTWZEV
  Private Key: 10....deleted...for...privacy.....8e
Found nice: kuku
Account Address is TRkukuA8vPRtB9uiPoXJLH7QrzcyQTWZEV
Private Key: 10....deleted...for...privacy.....8e



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